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A wide variety of Internet Marketing classes, sessions and workshops available!

General Training Topics:

  • Social Media
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Design Best Practices
  • Analytics
  • Custom Training Programs Also Available

Search Engine Optimization: SEO Basics

This session teaches fundamental tactics you can use to enhance your website's online exposure and search engine rankings. The topics covered revolve around how to connect pages on your site to the keywords your audience is searching on. An understanding of basic HTML is required for this training.
Topics covered include:

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For those with a desire to take their SEO effort to the next level, there are a variety of advanced techniques that can increase a website's online exposure and rankings. This program dives into the more technical and advanced tactics you can employ. A solid understanding of HTML is required for this training.
Topics covered include:

Mobile Marketing: The New Frontier for Business Success

The future is in the palm of your hand and nowhere is that more true than in online marketing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube... they are all on smart phones, and by leveraging their power, you can expand your business dramatically.
Topics covered include:

    • How to plan your mobile marketing strategy
    • How to make a mobile-friendly website
    • Reaching a mobile audience
    • How apps can increase your business power

Light, Camera, Connect! A YouTube Marketing Primer

A timeless truth is that people like moving images. And because of that, YouTube is a one of the most powerful social media sites ever. Learn how to make videos that strengthen your brand, bring clients to your doorstep and foster goodwill among your customers.
Topics covered include:

Social Media Simplified: A Complete Introduction to Social Media Marketing

This program teaches how to set up and optimize social media sites so they improve your website's target audience reach. The top social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube will be covered. The ability to converse with your audience and offer valuable content is essential in this emerging marketing approach.
Topics covered include:

Word-Smithing: Writing Website Copy to Attract People and Search Engines Alike

Textual content on a website is where the true power lies. With the ability to carefully sculpt the text on each web page, site owners can attract both their target audience as well as enhanced search engines rankings. There are specific tactics that can be used to create keyword-dense paragraphs that are audience magnets.
Topics covered include:

Top 10 Website Blunders and How to Avoid Them

This session conveys, in plain English, what common mistakes can occur on your site and how they can affect what people feel about your organization. It only takes a few seconds to discourage a user and off they go to your competitor's site. This session teaches you what not to do...
Topics covered include:

Google Analytics for Non-Techies

Google Analytics is free software that measures your website's online performance, rankings and impact. Only by carefully measuring your Internet marketing efforts can you succeed in improving your search engine optimization (SEO) and social media efforts. Without analytics (and without this session), you are performing Internet marketing with handcuffs on and a blindfold.
Topics covered include:

Mastering Google+ to Boost Your Business

Google+ is a very powerful business tool that you should add to your social media marketing toolbox. It can help you make connections with the right types of people. Using it will also add a highly visible profile to Google search results for your products, services and business. The key to success in Google+ lies in understanding and mastering your circles. This is the perfect session for small business owners and entrepreneurs.
Topics covered include:

    • How to improve your local and mobile presences
    • Google+ vs Facebook
    • Making the connection between Google+ and Google Maps
    • How to use circles and communities

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube: Choosing the Right Social Media Tools for Your Business

Which social media service should I use? That's a common question these days. Most small businesses struggle with this challenge. You need to ask the right questions when choosing a platform. This session gives you all the knowledge you need to make the right social media platform choice.
Topics covered include:

    • Overview of each social media platform
    • The specific goals you can’t afford to lose sight of
    • How to choose and use multiple platforms
    • Successful case studies

Facebook Step-By-Step: Using It for Small Business Success

It seems the entire world is on Facebook. And with such a large base of people, you need to reach them so they visit your website and help your business. But it takes a careful roadmap to get you there. This session delves into the specific tactics you can use to engage with people on Facebook and drive them back to your website.
Topics covered include:

Blogging for Website Success

One of the most important parts of a website is the blog. As an ongoing way to keep your content fresh, the search engines look favorably on their use. And with continual postings, you gain an ever growing repository of content to be indexed. This training shows you how to set up a blog and make it a successful part of your Internet marketing effort.
Topics covered include:


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