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Social Media Marketing Keynote Speaker - Paul Kaufman

As a social media marketing keynote speaker, Paul Kaufman's goal is to help organizations and companies expand their audience reach. Paul knows how companies want to excel at social media marketing but there is such a whirlwind of information that it's hard to boil down the key tactics that can help a group. Paul has been speaking on social media marketing for the past seven years and offers a friendly and engaging speaking style to help your group learn and take advantage of this new marketing approach.

Social Media Marketing Keynote SpeakerHow can Paul Help your Organization?

  • Help you measure ROI for your social media effort

  • Give you a strategy for using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage with your audience directly (and gain their trust over time)

  • Provide down to earth tactics to improve your social media strategy

Traditional marketing is all about interrupting people's lives. But with new technologies, people are more adept at blocking these daily interruptions. Advertisers are realizing that money is better spent using social media to communicate with target audiences and offer them valuable content, rather than continuing to pour dollars into outdated marketing tactics.

So why choose Paul as your social media marketing keynote speaker?

  • He's an experienced social media strategist

  • He has a friendly and engaging presentation style that helps people understand technical topics easily

  • He has a wealth of experience in interrelated areas such as information architecture, graphic design, content management systems, and SEO copywriting

As a social media marketing keynote speaker, Paul Kaufman has a solid understanding of where social media fits in the marketing arena. He shows how it can be leveraged to help companies and organizations reach a wider client base and engage with that audience in a more conversational, trust-based manner. Social media is not all about sharing vacation photos. The big players in commercial business are pouring huge amounts of money and time into social media marketing. Help your audience understand the benefits it can bring by hiring Paul as the social media marketing keynote speaker for your next event.

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