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How Does Google Do Its Thing?


You may ask how does Google understands what my site is about and then rank it for people who are conducting searches? To understand how to improve your website so it ranks higher, you should have a good idea how Google does its thing. This article will detail the three elements related to its searching and ranking processes.

First of all, you need a website. Got one? Great. So now what? How does Google know your site is out there on the web? Through what is called "crawling." This is the process where Google can discover and investigate the size and content of a website. The web is a big place so this process doesn't happen every day. When you place a website on the web for the first time, it may take a few weeks or a few months for Google to crawl your site. The actual process of crawling is done with the Googlebot (also known as a spider or just bot).

Next the Googlebot has to digest all this data on websites such as yours and index it within the vast amounts of web data already in their system. Indexing is a storage process that is used when people enter search terms in the Google interface (at www.google.com). The critical SEO factor here is Google is trying to understand what your website is about. You can help this process by using as many words and phrases related to your subject matter as possible. The Googlebot can't discern what images are about, so it is also important to create alternate ("ALT") text within the HTML for each image. Some rich media and dynamic pages do provide a barrier to the bot and cannot be indexed, so be wary of that.

Lastly, Google serves up results when people enter search terms. This is called a query. Google is always trying to match the best (i.e. most relevant) websites to each query. It looks to its vast index and pulls back a list of websites it thinks are the most relevant given the text you entered. Google relies on over 200 different factors to decide how well a website should be ranked for a given term or phrase. Even the number or quality of other websites linking to yours can help tremendously.

To make sure your website can be easily crawled by the search engines, add numerous terms and phrases within your site that relate to your main topic and if possible get outside websites to link to your site. Google is not the only search engine out there, but understanding how it gather website data and uses it can be a tremendous help is optimizing your website to rank at its highest.

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