First Establish a Firm Foundation

Many companies decide to jump into search engine marketing without much forethought about what needs to occur first. An effective search engine marketing campaign is only as stable as the website that is trying to improve. I always recommend that one of the first steps to undertake is a complete critical review and analysis of the existing website. If there are any navigation or usability problems in the website, these will only cripple any improvements that the search engine marketing campaign might provide. For example if your company is selling widgets and the search engine efforts are bringing in 60% more traffic to the widgets product page yet people are confused how to complete the purchase process, then you have shot yourself in the foot even though you have more traffic coming to this site. Have a comprehensive usability and information architecture review done on your website prior to investing substantial amounts of time and money in a search engine marketing effort. You will find the benefits will be dramatic. Remember that search engine marketing can only do so much since once a person has been drawn to your website, the quality of that site must allow for the completion of whatever goal you are after (purchasing a product, gathering an e-mail address, etc.)

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