The Bike Man Giveth… and well… That’s It!

Sometimes you meet a person who astounds you. A person who is all about giving to others, not just on the surface, but in their very being. A couple weeks ago (just before Christmas), my wife and I decided to donate our 2 bikes to charity. At first, we though of Goodwill. But then my wife said had heard of a local Durham, NC man who collects old bicycles and gives them to needy children on Christmas morning. He was even featured on ABC national news a few years back. They called him the Bike Man.I did some web hunting and found where he (Lewis Days) lived. I grabbed the phone and called him up. Within a few hours, I was driving up to his modest house in an older neighborhood of Durham, my bikes jammed in the back of our van. As we unloaded the 2 bikes, I began talk with kind, older man. He was 78 years old and had, I would estimate, over a hundred bikes in his back yard. He did indeed fix them up for young kids, but also, he told me, for some older folks in the neighborhood. He had a smile that, well, makes you want to smile back. And I did.

What struck me most of all was that this man, who was not well off by any means, was devoting all his days to helping others. He gently guided me over to his house, showed me 2 classic Schwinn bikes standing proudly on his front porch. Even inside his house, it was full of bikes being repaired. I have to say it made me take a look at myself and how I could be doing more for others. Those few minutes talking with this man will always stay with me. My hope is those of you who use social media to reach out to others can remember to stay true to the Bike Man’s goal: help others and don’t expect anything in return. It works in social media like it works in life.

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