Give, Give, Give – For the Holidays and for Higher Rankings

“It Is Better to Give Than to Receive.” How many times have we been told that little nugget of wisdom. Sure, it’s fun to tear through that festive wrapping paper and lay your eyes on a cool gift, but there is something more rewarding, more deeply satisfying that happens when you give something valuable to another person. Funny thing, it’s also very true when you’re trying to gather together a larger audience for your web site. Social media sites now allow you a conduit to “give” to your audience. And when you “give” enough over time, you will “get” in return.

Let me explain.

Say a website offers home security systems. If the Facebook fan page for the company regularly offers tips and resources on how to keep your house safe, then that would be valuable information for typical homeowners. If that same company also has a series of videos on YouTube related to how to evacuate your house in case of a fire, that again would be a great help for folks in general. Over time, the fact that this company offers free, valuable content to its audiences will garner it a positive reputation. This always translates into more people going over to their website and investigating the company further. A sense of trust and appreciation has been built. So “giving” to your audience (without asking for anything in return) will eventually result in your company “getting” people‚Äôs trust and their business.

Who’d have thought “It’s Better to Give than to Receive” would hold true on the Internet as in real-life. But when you’re trying to attract a larger audience, it surely does.

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