The Chewy, Gooey Center of Your SEO Efforts

Many people think Twitter and Facebook are now the best things to happen to Internet Marketing since deep fried Oreos (which, if you haven’t tried them, are awesome). These two sites are a great way to spread the news and gather people to your new and cool web site, but what would happen if you used one of these sites for your main SEO effort, and then it had a huge issue and disappeared? (Not likely but who would have thought Charlie Sheen had Tiger Blood?) You would be in trouble, that’s what.

Having done the SEO thing since 1997, I can tell you that it’s best to stay with the core internet ranking tactics that have long been stable over the long haul. These tactics are creating super web site content that genuinely helps your audience, having a site structure that is easy to use and navigate around, and finally gathering numerous inbound links from solid, reputable sites. This is the stuff you must do to have long lasting success with internet marketing. Once you have done these things well, then sure, go ahead and leverage the heck out of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Sites like these not only help you get inbound links but they really help you get the word out to other humans on the planet that what you have is the greatest stuff since, well, that deep fried stuff previously mentioned. That fact is, social media is a wonderful new way to help people communicate and part of that is the ability to tell others about the best web sites out there on the interwebs. Know how to use these sites, but don’t let them be your whole SEO pie. The core tactics are where the power lies.

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