The Quicker Way to Search Engine Rankings

When you have to have quick exposure in the search engines, there’s only one way to go, pay per click advertising (also called paid placement). Many people use Google Adwords since it is the Big Player On The Block. Now having fast exposure in the search engines doesn’t mean you will automatically get qualified traffic. Most people like to look through the organic (the natural) search results first. Not so many look to those sponsored listings (which is where your pay per click advertising will show up). The only way to get high rankings in the natural search results area is to do the long term search engine marketing tactics that I speak about at events around the country. These include leveraging the increasing power of social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Other critical tactics include sculpting meta tag information for each of your web pages, adding targeted phrases to your text content, and increasing your incoming links from other sites. If you use organic search engine marketing processes like these, you will have a much better chance to get to the top of the rankings.
But if you need quick exposure in the engines before your organic efforts gain traction, then by all means I recommend using pay per click advertising. Just remember that this type of exposure costs you money,. Each and every time a person clicks on your ad, you are dropping some coin (it may not be a lot but it adds up. Tip: Make sure you do your keyword analysis first since you need to know what phrases to tie your ads to. This is the foundation of your pay per click advertising campaign. And get your organic search engine optimization cranking since you may want to scale back your pay per click budget and if so, you want your rankings to remain strong.

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