Inbound Marketing: Put the Megaphone Down

The more I learn about how cool and useful inbound marketing is, the more I see old marketing as an annoyance. Inbound marketing is letting people come to you (due to the obvious value you provide) as opposed to outbound (traditional) marketing where the object is to interrupt a lot of people and hope a small percentage buy your product or service.

With new technologies like DVR’s, caller ID and iPods, we no longer have to be bombarded with these interruptions. We fast forward through commercials. We let unknown callers go to voice mail. We choose iTunes over commercial radio.

Inbound marketing for websites is now the most effective way to capture your audience’s attention. With it, you open up a real dialogue, and people truly appreciate that. Blogs and social media are two big ways to leverage inbound marketing. It’s a revolution, so put down the megaphone and strike up a conversation instead.

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