Google Instant: Is the SEO Sky Falling!

Well, many of you have seen that Google Instant is upon us. This wonderful real-time searching tool gives you an even faster Google experience. Some say that search engine optimization (SEO) will be negatively effected by Google Instant. The truth is it really can’t effect it that much. If a web site is designed and sculpted with quality content for it’s audience, then nothing the search engine can do will change that. Visitors will still seek great content.

There may be some fluctuation in Adwords performance, it’s true. But stay the course, when it comes to your SEO efforts. Inbound linking, appropriate meta information for each page, and keep your site easy to navigate. All of these are still solid techniques. I will be blogging more on  Google Instant as the weeks and months progress. But rest assured, the sky in NOT falling on your search engine marketing efforts.

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