To Market or to Brand? A question or an answer?

Marketing is simply “selling your business” while Branding is “selling your business—with the added benefit: repeat business.”

Simply put—ask yourself why your product or service is what someone needs or wants to have.

Logo_top_brandTo find out how your business is doing… take a day and put yourself on the other side of your business—be your customer for a day. How easy is it to find your business? Would you come and not come back? Would you come back and send forth new customers?

Branding is an emotional bond between you and your customer and marketing is giving your customer a reason to keep coming back to build that bond of loyalty, trust, and repeat business. To find out what your customers are saying – shop your audience by looking at blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and read what your customers are chatting about.

How is your brand defined?

How is it unique?

How do you lead your customers to you?

Can my brand be better?

Lastly, what does your brand say about you and your business?

At the end of the day, you can make your conclusions, and the next day begin building on that info. You will be able to not only market your business, but embrace success in branding your business!

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