May the Force (of Internet Marketing) Be With You…

When I was 11, I saw Star Wars 23 times in my local theater in Philly. No, I did not have a mental problem. What I had was an insatiable desire to see a movie that has become an icon of science fiction. Last Sunday was Star Wars day (May the 4th… as in May the Fourth Be with You). My family and I watched the original movie and it brought back a lot of memories. After I saw the movie that many times as a kid, I was dedicated and could recite every line of dialog. That same kind of dedication can also help you in your website internet marketing efforts. It’s critical that you “keep at it” as they say. For example, you can continue to update your social media sites with fresh posts every few days. You can work on search engine optimization (SEO) for the various pages of your website each month. Basically, you have to stay engaged with your website marketing for it to be successful in the long run. While speaking at conferences around the country, I have talked to entrepreneurs and small business owners who think they can set up their website and wait for the traffic (and profits) to start rolling in. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

The old adage of “hard work pays off” is very true. I find that you should at least post to your social media channels at least 2 to 3 times per week. If you can post more often than that… great! But posting far less often can impact how people regard your business. You want to be an entity on social media where you continually offer helpful content to your target audience. By staying in their mind and helping them out, you become trustworthy . This sense of trust is what prompts them to offer up your company when a friend casually mentioned that he needs a service (or product) that you offer.

With your SEO efforts, I recommend revisiting your Google analytics data every few weeks to see what webpages on your site are not performing up to snuff. Then you can edit those pages, revamp the text content and repost on the web. So you get in the habit of optimizing sections of your site continually. That’s not to say you have to be continually updating the vast majority of your site all the time, just that you keep improving those pages that aren’t getting the desired ranking in the search engines.

If you keep to this dedication, as I did when I spent so many crazy hours watching a certain space movie, you will have a successful Internet marketing strategy and a successful business. The time and effort will pay off!

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