The Wild Ride that is Internet Marketing

Welcome to my blog. For my first post, I have to start off by saying that there is still some wild and crazy things going on in the arena of inbound link building. The idea behind increasing the amount of links pointing to your site is that the search engines pick up on it, and it increases your chances of high rankings since if sites are pointing to your site, you must have something of value. But it is possible to pay people to link to your site. This is called paid linking. And the search engines frown on it big time. Now Google has a pretty hard time finding out whether a link to your site is genuine or was due to the fact that you greased a palm or two. The purely ethical (or “white hat”) marketing folks would not venture into this realm, but for some, it is a real option to increase their rankings. It is especially prevalent in highly competitive marketing niches, where companies need any and all tactics to outperform their competition. My own opinion is that the price is too high if Google or the other search engine catch you buying links, so best off to keep to the strait and narrow. In the long run, the value of what you are offering will determine your success online.

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