Crafting Awesome Content – The Core of Every SEO Effort

This is an excerpt from my new book, Home Run Internet Marketing…

As far as the big search engines are concerned, they don’t give a hoot how beautiful your website graphics are or your cutting edge composition and color scheme. When search engines scan through your site trying to understand what it’s about, they are doing one thing above all else: reading your text. By scanning your text, they try to ascertain what each web page is “about.”

So you must create super-terrific, mind-blowing, freakin’ awesome textual content so search engines understand your topic and people visit and stay on your site. This is the most challenging, time intensive part of most Internet Marketing efforts, yet it is essential. When people arrive at your site, give them a reason to stay. This means providing a wealth of free, genuinely useful information and resources related to your subject matter.

Some examples:

  • Do you sell gardening supplies on your site? Provide articles on yard care and organic gardening basics.
  • Your company provides geriatric health nurses for in-home care? Include a variety of articles on home safety and caring for elderly loved ones.
  • Ichiwawa! Your e-commerce site hawks a wide variety of hot sauces from around the world? Create lots of recipes for spicy main courses and party appetizers.

Get the idea? Think about it from a viewer’s perspective. If one site sells children’s party supplies, but another site offers the same party supplies but also has lots of ideas for age-appropriate parties and even includes helpful shopping lists, well, which site would you probably visit and buy from?

The other SEO byproduct of providing awesome content on your site is that other websites are much more likely to link to your site. Search engines will naturally rank you higher if they see that lots of other websites link to your content. So take the time to accumulate quality, text-based content (articles, white papers, guides, workbook, tip sheets, etc.). All of your hard work in getting your site in front of your audience’s eyes using social media and SEO will be wasted if, when people do arrive, they find little value and promptly leave. Your content must be stellar!

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