Go On… Write that Book!

“Someday I’m gonna write a book.” Many of you have uttered those words at some point. I have too. This past year, I finally buckled down and got it done. The book is off to the printer now and will be available in August. Entitled “Home Run Internet Marketing,” it shows how to market on the web using search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. If I had known how involved and difficult it would be to complete a book, I probably wouldn’t have gotten started. Sure the writing process was long. Every day I would settle down with my pen, pad of paper and resource books. A sore wrist would always kick in after a few hours, and I’d have to stop. Luckily, I had a remarkable technology to help me. After I had written out a chunk of content, I would put on a headset microphone and dictate the copy into the computer using voice recognition software (Dragon NaturallySpeaking). This wonderful technology saved me hours of hand typing (I am not a touch typist). And after only a few hours using the software, it becomes remarkably accurate at turning my words into text.

In retrospect, it was premature for me to be relieved when I finally finished writing the last chapter since it was only then that the loooong editing process began. Granted, spewing out your knowledge on paper is a critical part of writing a book, but it’s in the editing phase where your baby really takes shape. And I didn’t just read through the book a few times making improvements. I must have gone through seven editing cycles before I felt it was really ready. And by “ready” I mean it was ready for a professional editor to review. When I got it back and placed the graphics in, I could finally consider it done. It was tons of long days and bleary eyes.

So if any of you decide that now’s the time to pen your own book, by all means do it! I learned so much about the topic and about myself as a writer, and you can too. If there is a book in you, don’t wait. Pick up the pen and get cranking! If I can do it, anyone can.

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